History of STI movement in 2018 as predictor of 2019?

If history is of any guide, could we predict how Singapore stock market would move in 2019?

Let’s see how the Straits Times Index (STI) moved last year in 2018.

End of Month in 2018 STI Change over previous month
January 3,533.99 +3.85%
February 3,517.94 -0.45%
March 3,427.97 -2.56%
April 3,613.93 +5.42%
May 3,428.18 -5.14%
June 3,268.7 -4.65%
July 3,319.85 +1.56%
August 3,213.48 -3.20%
September 3,257.05 +1.36%
October 3,018.80 -7.31%
November 3,117.61 +3.27%
December 3,068.76 -1.57%

There are two months to watch out: May and October. In May 2018, STI dropped 5.14% and in October 2018 STI dropped 7.31%! June 2018 continued the downward trend of May 2018 dropping 4.65% further. From May to June, the STI was down 9.6%.

Will history repeat itself this year?

There are of course reasons for the stock markets to move. We have to wait and see how events unfold this year.

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