Questioning our Priorities

Do we know where our priorities lie? Did you encounter a situation when someone said that he was coming for an event but gave excuses at the last moment for not turning up? Did you also encounter a situation when a freebie class was fully booked very quickly and when the day came, some of these people did not attend thus depriving others of places in the class?

Some may give an excuse that they have work to do and cannot make the date. Some may find that they are too tired to attend. Some may find that there are more interesting things to do instead of attending.

These excuses cut no ice with me. Would one want to miss a flight for a holiday for the reasons indicated above?

If we made an appointment for an event, wouldn’t we want to honour it by attending? This is courtesy and respect shown to the organiser. After all, the organiser had already prepared the programme with the number of headcounts expected. We will also not deprive other keen participants who were bumped out because of limitation in the number of places.

Trust is a very precious attribute of a person. Trust is beyond money. Are people losing trust more now? If I say that I am coming, I will make effort to keep the appointment and be on time, every time. Trust is built overtime and can easily be lost. When we promise something, keep to it. Friends will remember that you are reliable and trustworthy.

Setting priorities is important, the right priorities. There will always be work-related matters to attend to. There will always be distractions to keep us occupied. Do we know where our priorities lie? I would not want to sacrifice trust, a promise, mental and physical health when making choices.

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