Visit to Coney Island Park

Coney Island Park is off Punggol Point on the North-Eastern part of Singapore. At the southern part of Coney Island is the Serangoon Reservoir. At the northern part of the island are the beaches facing Pulau Ubin to the right and Johor Straits to the left.

Stepping into Coney Island is like stepping back in time where the island has no piped-in potable water and electricity. It is preserved as zero-energy, self-sustaining eco-island. Water for the only toilet facility at the eastern part of island is from rain-water. Power for flushing is obtained from the solar panels on the roof-top. By 7.00 pm, the park is closed since there will not be any lights on the island.

Coney Island is rustic with Casuarina trees all over the island. These are the trees I saw them when I was growing up in the 1960s. The island has many picturesque spots for photo-taking and is popular among couples taking wedding photos. It is a bird haven for 80 bird species.

The cross-island distance from West to East is 2.4 km. To walk 4.8 km on the round trip would take about 2.5 to 3.0 hours.

Suggested route of exploration:

Start from the West Gate of the Island
Explore the Casuarina Exploratory first after the entrance
Walk the main road
Explore one beach in Area A of several beaches on the north shore
Get back to the main road
Walk towards the East Gate for a toilet break or snack break
Turn back for the return journey
Walk the main road until 1.2 km mark (Area 3)
Go south to connect to the Park Connector (there is a sign post for this)
Walk the length of Park Connector (towards the West Gate) and enjoy the water view of Serangoon Reservoir and Punggol HDB flats in the distance
End at the West Gate

How to get to Coney Island?

Take MRT to Punggol MRT station on the North-East Line
Take Bus 84 from the Bus Interchange to Punggol Point
Walk the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk that connects to Coney Island
There are clear directional signs to guide you on this 500-metre walk to the West Gate Entrance of Coney Island.

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