Keeping mind active, picking up new skill

A common recommendation for a person who is getting on in age is to keep his mind active. Our minds would lose their functions gradually when we do not use them to the fullest extent. This is especially so when a person retired from full-time work and has too much time on his hand.

There are so many ways to keep our minds active and challenged. In my case, I have taken up the challenge to read Chinese novels. I have just completed one that is 218 pages long novel. It is contemporary and was published this year.

It was not as easy as reading an English novel. I was able to understand the story line even though there are several idioms and Chinese characters that I did not know. This novel is written at the level for youths and it is a level I can handle.

My exposure to Chinese is limited since I left junior college in 1975. I only read English newspapers and was only exposed to English books all along. Over time, I have lost most of my Chinese Language knowledge.

Reading this Chinese novel is my first step to picking up the language again. I hope to persevere with more readings of Chinese materials. This is like picking up a new skill or so should I say re-kindle my interest in the Chinese language.

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