Forest Bathing at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Saturday morning. A morning for walking the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Each time I went there, I felt a sense of calm and happiness. This morning was no exception. We walked the length of the Botanic Gardens from the Bukit Timah Gate to the Tanglin Gate and then back again. There were so many sights to take in. Expect many visitors in the gardens from locals to tourists on a Saturday. The place is big enough to accommodate many people.

The walk took us one and a half hours from 8.30 am to 10.00 am before the rain came down. Number steps was 9,000 steps. Besides walkers, there were joggers and yoga activities and other forms of exercises in groups.

For forest bathing, we walked the Rain Forest trail, a tranquil path with trees all round that cut off the morning sun substantially.

There were new items added since we last visited the place. For one, there is this Curtain of Roots shelters, with roots hanging down from above the shelters. There is a new sculpture of a girl watering plants and a young girl looking on.

You won’t me short of photo opportunities with the lovely flowers, trees and all things beautiful.

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