Aging process and its impacts on me

One cannot stop the deterioration of our body as one gets older.

I bit into a hard sweet and caused a chip of my lower incisor tooth this morning. When I was young, biting into things did not result in chipped tooth. Tooth was as hard as nail. Not when I am older now. I had forgotten to be more careful when eating or biting.

Skin discolouration and blemishes, and thinning and falling hairs are part of aging. I can accept these. However, I am more concerned about slipping and falling while walking especially during a downpour. I know how it was like when I slipped and fell on a wet and cold pavement in S Korea some years ago. Falling for elderly people can be a health hazard.

One cannot hope to be same as before as one ages. This morning’s incident reminded me to be more careful when eating. It cannot be life as usual. I have to adjust.

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