Learning to live with imperfections

I continue to wish order in my life. If things were a mess, I would straighten them out. If the newspapers were not placed nicely under the coffee table, I could not help it but to stack them up neatly. I could not let them be. I know it is a mental thing, maybe a very mild form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

I like to work with a clean table and not like others who can have a table full of papers and things. Stationery must be in the right place and items on the table must be only those that are worked on presently. After which, these papers and every item are kept away in their correct places.

There must be order. When I was planning for a big group outing, I had to think through and planned to the minutest details. There was no broad-brush approach to planning. I could not let things be and then react on the ground during execution stage. I am very much a planner and a worrier that things may go wrong.

Do these sound familiar?

It is my personality type, more like Type A. Over the recent years, I have been addressing this kind of behaviour by trying to be more laid back and cool about happenings around me.

I know that I cannot be perfect in every ways. Things cannot happen neatly for me. I have tried to be more tolerant of imperfections both for myself and for people around me. It is less stressful. One example was when I bought a white polo T-shirt on sale, I found there were two small tears on it. The manufacturer tried to sew up the tears. I had accepted it and decided not to trouble myself by getting the item exchanged. So it is imperfect, but it is alright since it is not too obvious.

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