Intertidal Walk on Sisters’ Island Marine Park

Sisters’ Islands are situated south of Sentosa near to St. John’s Island. We set off this morning to the Big Sister’s Island also known as Pulau Subar Laut. Only the Big Sister’s Island is open to public. To reach this island, we took a ferry from Marina South Pier. Access to this pier is made convenient with the North-South MRT Line to Marina South Pier Station.

NParks organised this intertidal walk for free including free ferry ride to the island. It was a guided walk. The whole trip started from 7.30 am to 10.30 am. Ferry ride took about 30 minutes each way. We spent 2 hours on the shore. The guides and NParks personnel did well to help us enjoy the intertidal walk.

When I woke up at 4.50 am this morning, it was raining heavily with gusty wind. We thought this trip would be cancelled. But the weather cleared and it was sunny when we left the island.

This is my third intertidal walk. Sentosa intertidal walk, Changi Coast intertidal walk and the Sister’s Island intertidal walk were different. Each one was special in terms of the marine lives on the shores and the environments of these places. Sister’s Island required a ferry ride, whereas the other two need not have to. The ferry ride was like I was on an overseas holiday!

What did we see? Many types of corals; Diadema sea urchin; sea anemones; Clown anemonefish; many types of slugs; black sea cucumber; other marine lives.

For more information, visit NParks web-site. I would recommend a guided-walk to appreciate the trip.

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Approaching Big Sister’s Island

Low tide

Sea anemone

Clown anemonefish


Many corals

Info Board on marine park

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