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Biodiversity Walk at Jurong Lake Gardens

When NParks publicised this biodiversity walk at the Jurong Lake Gardens, we did not hesitate to sign up. The newly opened Lakeside Garden was in the news back on 27 April 2019. New attractions at Lakeside Garden include Neram Streams, … Continue reading

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Stock Indices at halfway mark

2019 had been volatile for stock indices so far. In May 2019, there was a sell-off of stocks. The stock markets recovered in June 2019 in anticipation of a good outcome of trade talk between President Trump and President Xi … Continue reading

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Returns on Life Insurance Participating Fund 2018

2018 was a bad year for investment returns. All three insurers did worse than 2017. 2017 was a year of very good returns when compared to 2018. See table below for the comparisons. Investment return for Prudential was the lowest … Continue reading

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Just Enough

In life, I subscribe to the philosophy of middle way or a balanced approach to life. The Swedish people understand this approach through their internalization of Lagom1 in their psyche. Lagom translates roughly to: “not too little, not too much”. … Continue reading

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Affairs of the hearts

In the past, I heard how some marrying couples described how they met up and about their courtships leading to marriage. They shared these intimate details during their wedding receptions. In the recent wedding, the couple met in the work … Continue reading

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Bonds traded on SGX doing well

Astrea V Private Equity Bonds started trading on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) yesterday. The closing price was $1.037 on the first day of trading. This was a 3.7% increase over its IPO price. Besides Astrea V, I bought into several … Continue reading

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Not going to live by targets

I set targets all my life. Businesses, education sector and government set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measure their performances against these KPIs. When I was still working, KPIs were a pain and detrimental to health for people coping with … Continue reading

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