Trivial Blog Post – Power of the Button

One day, it amused me that the person in charge of a remote control device ruled supreme over all others in the room. She was going round the room to set the fan speed for each ceiling fan with the remote controller. We, meditators all, accepted what she was doing with the ceiling fans in the room. The room temperatures varied throughout the day and night, dependent on the weather outside. It could be raining heavily and the room was chilly. It could be sunny outside and the room was hot. Our comfort rested in her hands, the person with the remote controller!

Then I recalled, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un comparing whose (nuclear) button was bigger. The power of the button in political arena came to my mind as I watched this helpful person going round the room turning on the ceiling fans with the remote controller.

Then there is this phrase – “Don’t press my button” also demonstrates the power of this (psychological) button that could cause anger and hatred in us when our buttons are pressed!

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