Meditation Retreat in Taiwan from 21 May to 6 June 2019 (17 Days)

I spent seventeen days at a Meditation Centre in Nantou 南投縣. I had been to this centre for 6 years consecutively since 2014. This was a mindfulness meditation retreat. Meditators maintained silence and we were cut off from outside interferences without access to mobile phones or other web-based devices. We had no access to newspapers or news that we used to read everyday.

Meditation method is to look deeply into our mind and body. What are our mind and body in this present moment? If thoughts were to arise about past events or future activities, we are to bring our mind back to the present.

One may think that this is easy. Let me say that it is the hardest thing to do as our thoughts flash by like lightning speed that sometimes we miss noting them completely. Our minds are so muddled that we cannot “see” these thoughts as they appear. Practice of long period of Mindfulness Meditation is to get into deep concentration before we can see our thoughts as they appear.

Thoughts include how we are feeling and what we are thinking, I am over-simplifying here. One has to experience by oneself in order to appreciate what I am writing.

I found out more about myself at every retreat I had attended. This time round, I experienced more of my very active and agitated mind. It was still running away to the past or fleeting into the future at the beginning of the retreat. It only calmed down mid-way into the retreat when I was concentrated enough to follow my mind.

I found out that I have a Rushing Mind, an Angry Mind, an Ego Mind and a Righteous Mind. All these minds manifest themselves as and when I am not mindful of my mind thoughts. These minds are not wholesome and actions arising from these minds are negative.

I told myself that I would let things be and to be less hung-up when things did not go my way.

Another thing I learned was that I understood what it meant to stay in the present in our everyday activities every moment. By staying in the present constantly, I can be more careful in my speech, thought and action of my body. This can reduce the negativity in my life.

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