Not going to live by targets

I set targets all my life.

Businesses, education sector and government set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measure their performances against these KPIs. When I was still working, KPIs were a pain and detrimental to health for people coping with meeting these KPIs.

Personal targets for me were – achieving good results for academic studies, a good job, a good reputation, a life of relative ease with a car, a house and solid bank balances.

A thing about setting targets is that I work towards trying to achieve these targets. Let me share one example. I read books and I tracked how many books I read in a year down to the number of pages read! Come the following year, I prided myself in exceeding these targets set in the previous year. Silly when I come to think about it. I lose the joy of slow reading instead I read hurriedly to meet the number of books to be read.

Setting personal targets and living by them is stressful. I got irritated when I did not get to do what I set out to do. Another example – I want to go to a place on a particular day. If I were unable to fulfill this, I would be upset.

I shall stop all these targets setting. I will try to accept each day as it comes and adjust as I live the day. Live the day and be flexible so as to reduce the stress level.

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