Bonds traded on SGX doing well

Astrea V Private Equity Bonds started trading on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) yesterday. The closing price was $1.037 on the first day of trading. This was a 3.7% increase over its IPO price.

Besides Astrea V, I bought into several other retail bonds traded on SGX. One of which is Astrea IV. It was up 6.8% over its IPO price. The table shows all other bonds I have and the coupon (interest) rates payable on the bonds or fixed income instruments.

Bonds Coupon % IPO Current Price Change %
DBS Preference Shares 4.70% $100 $102.96 2.96%
Capitamall Trust bonds 3.08% $1 $1.012 1.20%
Astrea IV PE Bonds 4.35% $1 $1.068 6.8%
Astrea V PE Bonds 3.85% $1 $1.037 3.7%
Temasek Bond 2.70% $1 $1.024 2.4%

It has been profitable so far investing in these bonds and fixed income instrument through IPOs. The interest income from these bonds are good too.

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