Affairs of the hearts

In the past, I heard how some marrying couples described how they met up and about their courtships leading to marriage. They shared these intimate details during their wedding receptions. In the recent wedding, the couple met in the work place. Some couples started even earlier when they were still studying.

Common understanding is that there must be chemistry between two persons for the relationship to be sustained. We do hear of breakups after marriage after some times for various reasons. Some people choose to remain single and unattached. The affairs of the hearts are indeed complex.

To be married to another person is the most important decision to be made in this lifetime. It is scary because a wrong choice can be damaging. The person has to decide for himself/herself. It cannot be left to external parties and even parents to advise on marriage. We should not play matchmakers.

You will know in your heart when your partner is right for you. Somehow, you will feel most comfortable to be with her/him. You will be connected at the emotional and intimate level. After marriage, it is not the end. It is just the beginning of making the marriage works for both persons. This is a life-long journey and you should not take the relationship for granted. There must be still love for each other and a willingness to work out differences amicably. This is reality.

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