Just Enough

In life, I subscribe to the philosophy of middle way or a balanced approach to life. The Swedish people understand this approach through their internalization of Lagom1 in their psyche. Lagom translates roughly to: “not too little, not too much”. By adopting the middle way, one could be less stressed compared to one that goes for the extremes at both ends of the spectrum.

Let me share three examples.


Sometimes when I am too close to a person, meeting up often on a daily basis such as in the workplace, that kind of familiarity can result in a stale relationship overtime. We could take each other for granted and be less courteous with each other in our interactions.

I can extend this to relationships with my wife and my daughter. It is important that they be given space to be on their own and to do their own things. It would be terrible if we were to factor every single moment together.


Are you one that plans an overseas travel down the minutest details? When the actual trip did not go according to your plan, will you be upset? It is human nature to be disappointed when our trip was disrupted due to circumstances beyond our control.

I found that when our travel plan was broad enough, we enjoyed ourselves more by stumbling onto interesting places and experiences along the journey. We adjusted with input from the local people who told us what we could do. We would not be upset if our original plan was not fulfilled.


As a family, we do not go for buffet meals, the kind that allows one to eat all one wants to at a fixed price. It always leads to over-eating and after that we felt bloated because we ate too much.

When you are eating a meal, eat just enough and not to over-indulge. All our bodies need is just a balanced diet. Most time, when we are faced with so many choices, greed takes over for us to eat a bit of various varieties of food choices. By the time we know it we have eaten too much.

The Swedish people understand this balanced approach to life. We too can adopt this and lead a less stressful lives.

1 Lagom is the Swedish word for a lifestyle choice that is Just Enough written by author Clara Olsson.

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