Biodiversity Walk at Jurong Lake Gardens

When NParks publicised this biodiversity walk at the Jurong Lake Gardens, we did not hesitate to sign up. The newly opened Lakeside Garden was in the news back on 27 April 2019. New attractions at Lakeside Garden include Neram Streams, Heron Island, Rasau Walk, Grasslands, “The Lone Tree”, Alstonia Island and ActiveSG Park.

This morning with weather being fine and sunny, a big group of about 20+ gathered for the walk conducted by Jeremy Yeo of NParks. We started at South Carpark alongside Yuan Ching Road.

The newer Lakeside Garden together with Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden and Garden Promenade form the Jurong Lake Gardens. This group of gardens is the third largest national gardens after Singapore Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay. It is 90 hectares in size.

After the conducted tour of one-and-a-half hours, the group then dispersed. We then explored the other gardens moving northward towards the Lakeside MRT Station.

We had not been to the Chinese Garden for many years. The iconic twin pagodas on the Jurong Lake stand the test of time. While we were there this morning, the urban scketchers were there to sketch the Chinese Garden! The calm water of the Jurong Lake brought tranquillity. There is a bridge above water for us to walk and not to get wet. The photo of this bridge above water is beautiful and deserves to be noticed (ie Instagram-able).

There is a map of the Jurong Lake Gardens and it tells you where to go to explore the old and newer attractions.

If you wish to walk these gardens, you can start the walk from the north with Lakeside MRT Station as the drop-off point. Then move south towards the newer Lakeside Garden.

It was a worthwhile time spent on this Biodiversity Walk. The guide was knowledgeable and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

“The Lone Tree” made from reinforced metal bars.

Twin pagodas at the Chinese Garden

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