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Meditation Retreat in Taiwan from 21 May to 6 June 2019 (17 Days)

I spent seventeen days at a Meditation Centre in Nantou 南投縣. I had been to this centre for 6 years consecutively since 2014. This was a mindfulness meditation retreat. Meditators maintained silence and we were cut off from outside interferences … Continue reading

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Writing Third Volume of Living Iinvestment

I will be spending a bit of time writing the Third Volume of Living Investment. Hence there will be less time for posting on this blog. Best Regards.

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Trivial Blog Post – Power of the Button

One day, it amused me that the person in charge of a remote control device ruled supreme over all others in the room. She was going round the room to set the fan speed for each ceiling fan with the … Continue reading

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Stocks weakened in three weeks

In the three weeks when I was away for a silent retreat without any access to news of any kind, the stock markets continued to weaken. Stock Indices 17-May-2019 7-Jun-2019 Change (%) Hang Seng (HK) 27,946.46 26,965.28 -3.5% Shanghai Composite … Continue reading

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