Chemperai Trail of MacRitchie Reservoir

We finally got to walk the Chemperai Trail of MacRitchie Reservoir this morning. This is because my usual walk along Petai Trail is now closed for repair work. (Petai Trail will be open again on 28 July).

The Chemperai Trail is about 1.75 km long. The morning sun shines directly on this trail. Best to walk early in the morning or in the late afternoon. The boardwalk had been upgraded from wooden planks to hardy steel-based boardwalk. The reservoir view is tranquil. At one far end is the Singapore Island Country Club golf course.

One part of the boardwalk is depressed closer to the water surface so that people need not bend low to avoid the low hanging branch.

On our return journey back to the Reservoir park, we took the inside route off the boardwalk called the Lornie Trail. This sandy, gravel-paved is used by cross-country runners.

At the far end is the Singapore Island Country Club golf course
This section is depressed to prevent walkers from hitting their heads against the low-hanging branch.
At the reservoir water edge
Start of Chemperai Trail

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