I Remember – My Uncle from Malaysia

My mother had one brother who stayed in Malaysia. She was the oldest among her siblings of five including her. My mother was the only one who moved to Singapore.

I remember my uncle used to come to Singapore once a while to visit my mother. My impression of my uncle when I was still a young boy was one of a happy man. We were not well to do back then. My uncle who drove a Mercedes Benz car was to my young mind a one rich uncle. I still remember that he brought my siblings and me to Haw Par Villa. We had black and white photographs to show that we had been there.

What is most memorable for me was that he would buy packets of Treets Peanut Chocolate for me. This was a real treat that I did not have the privilege of eating. My family was not well off when I was growing up. Treets was popular back in the 1960s. It was peanut coated with milk chocolate and the exterior was coated with dark brown glazed candy. The slogan for this treat was – “it melt in your mouth and not in your hand”. This was true.

Indeed, my uncle was a generous man. He had left a deep impression on me till this day.

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