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Global Equities did badly in August

August month was bad for stocks. In the space of one month, major stock indices declined. Stock Indices 31-Jul-19 30-Aug-19 Change Hang Seng (HK) 27,777.75 25,724.73 -7.39% STI (Singapore) 3,300.75 3,106.52 -5.88% UK FTSE 100 7,586.80 7,207.18 -5.00% Nikkei 225 … Continue reading

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Keep Invested for Dividends

It is tempting to sell off some stocks, REITS, ETFs, and retail bonds when their market values were dropping in this volatile investment environment. As some financial advisors will tell us – keep invested for investments that continue to pay … Continue reading

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Distribution Yields of SPDR STI ETF over years

SPDR Straits Times Index ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) invests in a portfolio of stocks that are on the list of the Straits Times Index (STI). As such the fund gets dividends from these companies and it then distributes them out … Continue reading

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The STI slipped below last year’s level for the first time

The Straits Times Index (STI) went below last year’s level for the first time this year. The STI for 31 December 2018 was 3,068.76 points. Now the STI is 3,060.89 at 2.34 pm today. From its peak of 29 April … Continue reading

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We live in turbulence world right now

2016 was marked by two significant events. United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union with votes of 51.9% in June 2016. Donald Trump of the Republican Party won the Presidential race against Hillary Clinton in November 2016. At the … Continue reading

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Good Dividends from SPDR STI ETF

I received two dividend payouts from SPDR STI ETF, one in February and the other in August this year. Total dividend received = $1,560 Total investment amount in SPDR STI ETF = $42,075 Dividend yield on the investment is 3.71%. … Continue reading

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Increases in electricity and water rates hurt my pocket

I compiled our home usage of electricity and water from January to August 2019 and compared them with 2018 figures. January to August consumption 2018 2019 Change Electricity (kWh) 1459 1386 -5.0% Water (Cu M) 82.1 79.5 -3.2% I was … Continue reading

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Saving habits and delayed gratifications

Are you a saver or a spender? Do you spend lavishly on luxurious items, eat at expensive restaurants or go on expensive holiday destinations? Do you set some part of your salary or business profits into personal savings every month? … Continue reading

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Thinking of terminating Whole Life insurance Policy

On 31 August 1995, I was committed to a whole-life insurance policy from Prudential Assurance called “PruLife with Profits”. This was 24 years ago. Sum assured is $50,000 Premium is paid annually at $1,560 Policy start date: 12 September 1995 … Continue reading

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I do not recognise my stocks

I continue to hold onto these stocks bought sometime back. Between April and August this year, these stocks (except for Singtel) declined as shown below. Counter 10 Apr 2019 16 Aug 2019 Change SembCorp Marine 1.69 1.22 -27.8% SembCorp Ind … Continue reading

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