Increases in electricity and water rates hurt my pocket

I compiled our home usage of electricity and water from January to August 2019 and compared them with 2018 figures.

January to August consumption
2018 2019 Change
Electricity (kWh) 1459 1386 -5.0%
Water (Cu M) 82.1 79.5 -3.2%

I was happy that we had reduced our use electricity and water this year with last year.

I then looked at the dollar costs of electricity and water usage.

January to August consumption
2018 2019 Change
Electricity ($) 323.32 326.5 1.0%
Water ($) 201.67 217.43 7.8%

The cost had gone up! Electricity gone up by 1.0% and water had gone up by 7.8%. Despite the reduction in consumption, I paid more for them!

In the case of electricity, the electricity tariff (rate) was increased as recently as July 2019 from 22.79 cents per kWh to 24.22 cents (an increase by 6.3%).

Electricity Tariff (cents per/kWh)
Year/Qtr 2018 2019
January 21.56 23.85
April 22.15 22.79
July 23.65 24.22
October 24.13 Not Available yet

As for water, my water cost went up by 7.8% comparing January to August periods of 2019 against 2018. This was hefty! This is due to the second phase of water rates increase kicking in July 2018.


Despite making efforts to reduce usage of water, the water rates increase in July 2018 had a significant impact on the cost we pay on our water bills.

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