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Owning stocks in SGX that Temasek Holdings has shareholder interest

Temasek Holdings’ portfolio includes at least 25 listings on Singapore Exchange, comprising 15 companies and 10 trusts. (Source: SGX) Temasek Holdings’ interests in these companies are either direct shareholder’s interest or deemed shareholder’s interest. The 15 companies have averaged a … Continue reading

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Careful when reading Dividend Yields of REITs & Trusts

One may think that a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with a high dividend yield is one way to size up the counter. Chasing for high dividend yield is very tempting but may not be wise. Dividend yield is made … Continue reading

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Sold BlackRock Dynamic High Income Fund A6 SGD-H

I bought BlackRock Dynamic High Income Fund A6 SGD-H at IPO time in January 2018. IPO price was $10 per unit. I bought further units in February 2018 at $9.91. Because the market price per unit was dropping, I decided … Continue reading

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Beware of the month of October

October is coming. Last year’s October saw stock markets declined sharply on 11 October 2018. This coming month has the uncertainty of upcoming trade talk between US and China. Would it end well with an agreement? The year-to-date changes in … Continue reading

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September Rain

What a Relief! During this period of unhealthy haze What a downpour today! The grasses, plants and trees need you most They had not seen heavy rain for a few weeks now The lashing rain with strong wind Caught us … Continue reading

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Politics of Uncertainties – Taking some money off investments

One moment, we heard that the US was willing to have an interim partial trade deal with China. Some days later on 13 September, Donald Trump said that he was looking for whole deal done instead of a partial interim … Continue reading

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Dry and hot weather and clearing of land and forest by burning are recipes for disaster. The haze blanketing Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in recent days shows how vulnerable we are to such wanton actions by inconsiderate people clearing land … Continue reading

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