Dry and hot weather and clearing of land and forest by burning are recipes for disaster. The haze blanketing Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in recent days shows how vulnerable we are to such wanton actions by inconsiderate people clearing land by burning.

One man’s action affects a nation of people from young to old, from ill-health to the healthy. Other living beings are similarly affected. The haze knows no boundary. It spreads where the wind brings it.

The world has been showing concerns about impact on climate of men’s actions on this earth. This kind of destruction of forest sending haze into sky is far more dangerous for the environment than someone who forgot to bring a carry-on bag for bagging his purchase.

Haze causes gloom for me. I wake up each morning hoping to see clear sky again. The sight of western side of Singapore shrouded with dense haze got me down. Lethargy sets in knowing that the 24-hour PSI and hourly PM2.5 readings are at the unhealthy and elevated levels. This was made worse knowing that we did not cause the haze but someone else did.

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