Politics of Uncertainties – Taking some money off investments

One moment, we heard that the US was willing to have an interim partial trade deal with China. Some days later on 13 September, Donald Trump said that he was looking for whole deal done instead of a partial interim deal. Such has been the flip-flops in US administration’s stand on trade talks with China. I have reached the stage that the only deal I am going to be excited about is when both US and China sign on the dotted lines of trade agreements.

This kind of uncertainties is not helping the investing communities. What should I do with my investments? I placed an instruction to sell one investment in a high income fund today. The fund has lost 6% from my cost. I am not willing to see further downside to this fund in the future with the uncertainties in the financial markets.

My approach is to review high-risk investments and take actions to reduce specific risks. The motivation is really my lack of trust with the global economy for this year.

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