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Looks like October month is going to be good

I am wrong. It appears that this October month is going to be better than I had expected. In the span of two weeks, the stock indices rose. Nikkei 225 jumped 4.9%. The Straits Times Index (STI) rose 2.3%. Stock … Continue reading

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Total and Permanent Disability in Life Insurance – Do we know enough?

I must admit that I did not care to read the fine prints of insurance policies when I purchased them when I was younger. So when I was denied from buying a term life insurance policy recently because I am … Continue reading

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Visit to Thomson Nature Park – Moving back in time

Thomson Nature Park was opened to the public recently (11 October 2019). This 50-hectare park used to be homes to a community of Hainanese settlers in the 1930s to 1980s before they were re-settled. Remnants of torn-down houses, perimeter walls, … Continue reading

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Impact on counters with links to Temasek Holdings after bid for Keppel Corporation

After the announcement of Temasek Holdings’ partial bid for Keppel Corporation shares on Monday 21 October, share prices of Temasek linked counters adjusted on Monday (21 October) and Tuesday (22 October). The biggest winners were: Keppel Corp +14.4% Sembcorp Marine … Continue reading

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100% Paper Packaging, No Plastic

Wonderful to see NTUC Fairprice brought in apples packed using 100% Paper instead of the usual plastic packaging. Go for zero plastic and be environmentally friendly! Save this earth and all living creatures living on the land and in the … Continue reading

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Temasek Holdings made a partial bid for Keppel Corporation’s shares

Temasek Holdings Private Limited through its subsidiary Kyanite Investment Holdings Pte Ltd has offered to buy up 30.55% of total share capital of Keppel Corp at a price of $7.35 in cash. This partial offer will make Temasek Holdings (offeror … Continue reading

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Less Use of Plastic

9 Tips for Living with Less Plastic Bring your own shopping bag Carry a reusable water bottle Bring your own cup Pack you lunch in reusable containers Say no to disposal straws and cutlery Skip the plastic produce bags Slow … Continue reading

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When I am old (当我老了)

When I am growing up in my younger days, I used to jog. I ran round Singapore Botanic Gardens. I used to run ahead most of my men in the 2.4km run during my IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test). It … Continue reading

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How much must I set aside now for next 23 years of retirement?

Assuming that I live till 85 years, how much must I set aside now to fund my current level of expenditure? This expenditure includes both family expenditures and my personal expenditures. I kept records of past four years of actual … Continue reading

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How much personal income tax had I been paying?

I kept records of my income tax assessments from IRAS between the period 1992 to 2012, a total of 21 years. My effective tax rate was 8.0% on my chargeable income. Chargeable income is computed after deducting personal reliefs. I … Continue reading

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