When I am old (当我老了)

When I am growing up in my younger days, I used to jog. I ran round Singapore Botanic Gardens. I used to run ahead most of my men in the 2.4km run during my IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test). It was not a problem. In fact, it was pleasant to run or jog.

Things started to change when I crossed 60 years old. I am referring to physical changes to my body. Now I understand how my parents must have felt growing old. My mother used to tell me of her aches and pains of her body and knee pains. It was just simply a complain and I did not think much about it. Now I have this old man syndrome, if I could call it as that. My left knee hurts when I climb steps. I have to be careful when walking down steps (in case I tumble down).

I am now more sympathetic when some older folks are walking slowly ahead of me in the underground pass towards the MRT station. I was becoming one of them on some days when I was slower in my pace. Younger people were rushing pass me during after office peak hour period. They were in a hurry to get to their destinations. The table has turned.

Must it be like this?

My eyesight and hearing are not that great. My gum holding up my teeth are receding and becoming sensitive. It sounds rather unpleasant to talk about them. Not many wants to write about them publicly. But this is the truth of growing old. So when one day a person reaches an old age, it is normal to feel that he/she is no longer the same as when he/she was younger. We wish we did not age!

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