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Stock Markets for November 2019

Nasdaq was the star performer for November rising BY 4.5% in just one month. The Dow Jones Industrial index and the S&P 500 index were up BY 3.7% and 3.4% respectively. At the other end, Shanghai Composite Index slipped 2.3% … Continue reading

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Write-off Hyflux share investment

Utico, a utility company of United Arab Emirates is buying over Hyflux in a deal that is worth $400 million. Utico will own 95% of Hyflux after the buy-over. The retail perpetual securities and preference shares could only receive $50 … Continue reading

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Eat your way with financial prudence

One category of expenses I find difficult to keep track of is eating-out expenses. It is too tedious to record every single meal eaten. In order to reduce excessive spending on meals, we adopt some practices even before sitting down … Continue reading

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Dividend yields for 2019 were lower than 2018

ACTUAL dividend yields based on my costs of shares were compared between 2019 and 2018. Dividends had declined this year. Almost all, except STI ETF, SPH Reit, ComfortDelgro, showed a drop in dividend yield. 2018 2019 Counter Avg Cost $ … Continue reading

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Transport Costs since giving up my car

I gave up my car on 8 February 2019. From that date onwards, my transport costs were: Taxis = $122 Public buses and MRTs = $370 Total costs on transport = $492 Total number of weeks = 41 weeks from … Continue reading

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DBS’ DigiPortfolio doing well in terms of returns

On 3 September, I invested using DBS’ DigiPortfolio. (Refer to my earlier post in September) Amount invested = $10,000 The recent market value of the portfolio = $10,198 Over a period of nearly three months, the return rate was 1.98%. … Continue reading

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What if we were to live to 100 years old?

A frightening thought? With modern medicines and medical technologies, this idea is not farfetched. The average life expectancy for Singapore was 84.8 years in 2017. Life expectancy is moving up instead of going down over the decades. There is a … Continue reading

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Using DBS PayLah! for ComfortDelgro Taxi ride incurs administration fee

PayLah! is an electronic wallet of DBS. I used PayLah! to pay for my recent taxi ride on a ComfortDelgro taxi from Airport. This method of e-payment charged me 30 cents of administration fee (inclusive of GST). Had I known … Continue reading

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Moving in different directions – Stock Markets

We are into the middle of November. Stocks markets were diverging. For the two weeks into November, the American and European (except UK) main stock indices were putting in good performances. France, Germany, US key indices rose between 2.7% to … Continue reading

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Protect those who are dependent on you

We heard of many cases of child abuse. For a child, his parents are the only ones to provide care for him. He cannot pack and leave the house just like that when he is abused. Abuse refers to both … Continue reading

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