Living Investment Volume 3 is now published

Volume 3 of Living Investment would be my last in this series. In 2013, I released my very first book on Living Investment.Volume 2 was released in 2016. Volume 3 continues from where we left off in Volume 2.

Living Investment is a collection of my meaningful pieces I had written in my blog since 2006. The blog Living Investment was started when I went into early retirement in 2006. Because I was trained as an accounting and finance professional, I have experiences to share in areas of investments and retirement planning.The second aspect of Living Investment is living this life. It is a journal of personal encounters.

Volume 3 covers period from November 2016 to August 2019. This period was significant for me as I turned 60 in 2017. One other major life event had impacted me as well. I made some major decisions after I was categorised as a Senior in Singapore context. Living a meaningful life takes on an important focus as I live each day.

This book is structured in chronological order and blog posts are marked by themes. It captures moments of past as major events happened, like the trade war between the US and China in 2018/19.The writing is therefore in context.

This book has three main themes:
1. Financial management, investment and retirement planning
2. Living tips
3. Life journey

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