Gallop Extension of Singapore Botanic Gardens

It is recommended that you visit this Gallop Extension next year (2020) when all the attractions on site are completed. Only two attractions are ready for visitors on this 8-hectare forest: The Mingxin Foundation Rambler’s Ridge and the OCBC Arboretum.

This Gallop Extension is the newest addition to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is located to the west of Tyersall Avenue separating the Gallop Extension from the main Singapore Botanic Gardens.

To get there, you can walk alongside the car park that is beside the Learning Forest and then cross the Tyersall Avenue to the Gallop Extension. (Do not get INTO the Learning Forest.)

The Rambler’s Ridge rises to 40 metres with stone-steps up and down for a hike. These steps are higher than most everyday steps we encounter like the steps on the overhead bridge. There are ropes on the side to help those with knee problems to climb up and then walk down to the ground level. You can get close to the tropical forest trees that are typical ones found in the mountains of Southeast Asia. These trees can survive in the harsh windy conditions of these mountains.

The OCBC Arboretum is created for conservation and research of dipterocarps, family of trees in a tropical rain forest.

If you cannot wait for all the attractions to be ready next year, you can walk the Singapore Botanic Gardens and then get onto the Gallop Extension as part of the walk in the gardens. One can approach the Gallop Extension by going towards the National Orchid Garden and then walk to the car park beside the Learning Forest.

What I did this morning was to start-off from the Botanic Gardens MRT station. Walk towards the National Orchid Garden and then get into the Gallop Extension. The whole walk took me less than two hours together with the return journey back to the Botanic Gardens MRT station. This morning sun was hot and it is advisable to bring a hat, sunshades and to apply sun-block cream. Bring along water for drinking.

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