Some office events still disturbed me

One would have thought that past unpleasant events would be forgotten after all these years. Not so. Flashes of these still occurred once in a while. I still dreamt about them sometimes.

Competition within the same rank for recognition was real. It was worse, when you were given heavier and juicier responsibilities than your peers. Jealousy was displayed, cold shoulders and non-communicative behaviour were the result. You did not know why the person behaved in the way he/she did.

Inter-departmental rivalry was next. Woes upon you when you were given a project by your boss that could have been given to the other department. The other department felt that you were encroaching and its personnel would put up obstacles to prevent you from carrying out the project. They were simply uncooperative.

You would not want to appear weak by complaining to higher up. Simply put, you had no one to turn to for help. Most middle management could be caught in this kind of dilemma. You would hear problems from your subordinates. Some middle level managers kept to themselves with their own problems for fear that they were perceived that they could not cope. You were sandwiched, giving support to your subordinates but not getting support for yourself.

Sitting through a disciplinary hearing of your colleague was another unpleasant event. You saw your boss questioning your colleague reducing his/her dignity in this kind of hearing. You could not see this colleague again as before without knowing at the back of your mind what had transpired in the disciplinary hearing.

Office politics were not pleasant. The collegial behaviour is not always present. One must recognise these mental stresses on staff members. If not addressed, you could still be having flashes of unpleasant office events years later.

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