Protect those who are dependent on you

We heard of many cases of child abuse. For a child, his parents are the only ones to provide care for him. He cannot pack and leave the house just like that when he is abused. Abuse refers to both physical and mental abuse. He is so dependent on his parents for his upbringing, for food, for clothing and for shelter. He cannot retaliate since he is smaller. Children require parents to love them and to protect them.

I know parenting can be heavy responsibilities. Some child can be difficult to manage and discipline. But this should not be the excuse to hit him or to scold him publicly. Accord the child some dignity. Reasoning and plenty of love would help. Discipline him in private out of love and not in a rage. Always remember the child is the most vulnerable and the weaker one.

The same can be said about vulnerability and weaker persons or living beings in our midst. They too deserve our protections. The list includes our ageing parents, the domestic helpers staying under the same roof. Even small animals and insects require our protection. They are the weaker ones. They depend on us not to kill them.

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