Using DBS PayLah! for ComfortDelgro Taxi ride incurs administration fee

PayLah! is an electronic wallet of DBS. I used PayLah! to pay for my recent taxi ride on a ComfortDelgro taxi from Airport. This method of e-payment charged me 30 cents of administration fee (inclusive of GST). Had I known that the 30 cents charge will not be waived, I would pay my taxi fare in cash.

I checked the DBS website afterwards and realised that the promotional period of waiving 30 cents administration fee ends on 30 September 2019.

That is the problem with cashless payment in Singapore. One never knows what are the charges a person will be paying on cashless payment mode. It will be too late once he had paid for the service. The extra administration fee had been charged. The above case shows one example.

Cashless payment does not mean it is free. There are always fees to pay for the convenience of cashless payments. So cash is still the best.

Even the amount of 30 cents is small, it is the principle I am talking about. To encourage Singapore to go cashless in a big way, additional fees turn me off.

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