Recognising losses on two stocks this year

As the year is coming to an end, I am looking at my real losses from my investment in Singapore equities. For 2019, I have written off my investments in M1 and Hyflux.

M1 = $3,246
Hyflux = $8,392
Total losses = $11,638

M1 was delisted and I got back partial investment amount (70%). Hyflux was a total write-off since I am not hoping to get back anything because of financial trouble of Hyflux.

M1 was bought in 2015. Hyflux investment started in 2008 and with further purchase in 2015. The original intention was to hold on to these stocks since these are respected companies. I was forced to take actions beyond my control.

$11,638 loss for this year has a significant impact on my income statement of my total investments. My return on investments for 2019 is going to be poor.

Well, this is investment and investment comes with risk of losses. Hopefully when our portfolio is diversified, the impact is mitigated by gains in other investments.

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