Stock Markets need certainty

Now that the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom won the majority in the parliamentary general election, the results were cheered by the stock markets. As I write, the FTSE 100 Index is currently at 7,409 points, up by 1.85%. With this win, Conservative Party Leader, Boris Johnson, has the mandate from the voters to get Brexit done. This is certainty wanted by the investing community.

Before this, we woke up to news this morning that President Donald Trump had agreed to withdraw new tariffs on China goods to the US that was to kick in on 15 December. This was a huge relief. The Asian stock markets rallied for today.

Stock Index Change (%) Today
Hang Seng (HK) +2.57
Nikkei 225 +2.55
Shanghai Composite +1.78
Mumbai BSESN +1.05
STI +0.61
Australia All Ordinaries +0.50

The uncertainties of UK and US with China have lifted. Investors can move on with investment decisions. Furthermore, the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) had kept federal interest rates unchanged on account that the US economy does not need further stimulus. Three good news have got stock markets going up.

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