Those Predictions of the Chinese Zodiac Animals

2020 is the Year of the Rat in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Each year, the Feng Shui masters (geomancers) will come up with predictions for each zodiac animal for the whole year. If you were born in a particular animal year, you then see what the coming year would bring you in terms of wealth and health. They also prescribe ways to counter any negative predictions. If you were born in the Year of Rat, it does not mean that you will be fortunate for a good year.

Geomancers come out with different predictions for the year. You can see all these being put up at public places for all to see. Even MediaCorp Lunar New Year programme carried them.

As a family, we have stopped looking at these predictions. We do not believe that our lives are determined by the zodiac signs. In the past, these predictions did not materialise by the end of the year as suggested.

What is more important is to act in the present. This determines our future and not because we were born in that zodiac animal.

Having said that, this is a Chinese tradition in the Chinese New Year. There is no harm done unless one is taken in by the negative or positive predictions of the year ahead.

On this Year of the Rat, I wish all people celebrating Chinese New Year a bountiful year of wealth! 新年快乐! Keep safe and not to worry of the future. It is not here yet. Deal with it when it arrives.

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