More community cases in recent days – Covid-19

Do not think that it is now safe to socialise freely and to walk around in crowded places during Phase 2 Reopening.

Recent days of community cases had seen a spike:

24 June 2020 – 7 cases
25 June 2020 – 5 cases
26 June 2020 – 6 cases
27 June 2020 – 11 cases
28 June 2020 – 11 cases

Covid-19 coronavirus is still around us.

The Straits Times reporter Clara Chong took us through the risks of Covid-19 (24 June 2020). Her sources for her report came from Assoc Prof Alex Cook, Vice-Dean of Research at the NUS’ School of Public Health.

The factors which heighten risk are:

  1. Closed spaces
  2. Close contact settings with close-range communication
  3. Crowded spaces
  4. Duration and diversity of contacts

The risks get heightened further when all 4 factors are present.

It is poignant to note that social gatherings can be a source of concern. Take an example: You invite and meet 5 relatives from different families in your home for tea. Then you invite another 5 old school friends for catch-up. If you were infected with Covid-19, you have put 10 other households at risk. The number can multiply to 30 households two transmission cycles later. There is a real risk of a superspreader event where one person infects a large number of others. (Source: Clara Chong)

It is far better to limit going out of your home and also to limit social gatherings for the time being. If you have to, then take all necessary precautions to reduce the risk of catching Covid-19. Avoid crowded places as far as possible.

This is serious matter for the sake of our wellbeing and for other people’s wellbeing.

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