Some well-known stocks fell dramatically over nine years

The stock prices of 6 counters were compared with prices as at 31 December 2012 some 9+ years ago. The results were shocking.

Counter 31/12/2012 30/7/2020 Change Remarks
SembCorp Marine 4.60 0.38 -91.7%  
SPH 4.03 1.07 -73.4%  
SIA 10.75 3.42 -68.2% Rights Issue
SembCorp Industries 5.25 1.73 -67.0%  
StarHub 3.79 1.42 -62.5%  
Keppel Corp 11.00 5.40 -50.9%  

Imagining holding shares since 2012, one would see losses amounting to 91.7% decline for SembCorp Marine.

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) lost 73.4% of its value. How could SPH lost so much?

Singapore Airlines lost 68.2% (without taking into account the impact of the rights issue recently).

SembCorp Industries lost 67% and Keppel Corporation lost 50.9%. All three (including SembCorp Marine) were impacted severely with plunging oil prices.

StarHub lost 62.5% when the telcos were hit by the entrance of a 4th telco operator, TPG Telecom. M1 had already been delisted from Singapore Exchange.

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