TraceTogether App required for SafeEntry

I have just been to Koufu at HDB Hub. There is a notice at the entrance that says TraceTogether is required for SafeEntry. Then the sign says to use TraceTogether App on a mobile phone.

But I have only TraceTogether Token and not the mobile app. I searched for a token reader at both entrances to Koufu. There is NO reader to read the token.

What it meant is that I cannot have a SafeEntry registered with Koufu. It forces me to download the App that I do not intend to do so since I have a poor battery on my old phone. I have a token that is of no use in Koufu.

I understand from the Multi-Ministry Task Force on Covid-19 that TraceTogether will become compulsory only when anyone who wants a TraceTogether token can get one. The above example shows that one organisation has already started to enforce the TraceTogether even when it is not ready yet (such as not providing a reader for TraceTogether token).

I feel that actions at the ground level seem not to be in sync with the policy directions at the Multi-Ministry Taskforce for Covid-19.

Sign at Koufu HDB Hub
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