Moving away from investing without professional advice

In recent years, I have been less active in selecting stocks/bonds/Reits to add to my investment portfolio. The volatility of the financial markets is a cause of concern as 2020 had shown us. I am not caught up with Bitcoin and some recent IPOs frenzy.

When a Personal Wealth Executive from UOB called up about some investment ideas to grow my money, I decided to meet up and see what he could offer.

I bought into a Participating Endowment Plan of Prudential Assurance Company. This product is called PRUActive Saver II. At this point, I would like to emphasise that I have no pecuniary interest in writing this blog post. My point is that I am trusting Prudential Assurance to provide professional advice in managing the participating fund for the interests of many insurance holders. Prudential’s performance in managing the Investment Returns on this fund is a consideration for deciding to go along.

2017 2018 2019 Average of last 10 years
Investment Returns 10.63% -2.12% 12.26% 5.77%

The average investment returns of last 10 years was 5.77% per annum. (Note: Historical performance may not be indicative of future performance.) This track record is respectable.

Another example of my investment approach was to put some money in robo-investment platform of DBS Bank. DBS called it DigiPortfolio. I rely on the expertise of DBS in managing this investment portfolio. Since 3 September 2019, the fund has been good for me. The capital value has grown 17% so far.

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