One year on from Circuit Breaker

Tomorrow is one-year anniversary of Circuit Breaker 2020.

From 7 April 2020, Singapore imposed Circuit Breaker period of lockdown to break the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus. We were to stay home as much as possible. This Circuit Breaker lasted till 1 June 2020 (about eight weeks). It was a period I do not want to go back to. It was a most difficult period I can remember.

One year later today, I have gotten my second dose of Pfizer Biontech vaccine. I could not imagine at the beginning of the pandemic, we were going to get a vaccine so soon to help us fight against infections. When Singapore rolls-out the vaccination programme for all residents by the end of this year, we should be grateful.

It does not mean the end of the battle of Covid-19. I would think that we have to continue to maintain good health hygiene and social distancing practices.

Happy to be where I am now.

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