Latest Covid-19 cases – A cause of concern

I thought we had the Covid-19 coronavirus nailed last week with single digit daily community infection cases. Then came Sunday 13 June this week, there were 10 cases or more each day. Today’s preliminary number of community cases was 19, a new high for this week.

Date Day Number of Community cases
13 Jun Sunday 10
14 Jun Monday 18
15 Jun Tuesday 14
16 Jun Wednesday 19

The new cases were mainly arising from the cluster forming at Bukit Merah View Market and Food Centre. This cluster had grown to 25 as of yesterday. Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre had a case involving a hawker. Redhill Market and Food Centre was another place visited by an infected person.

In all, three (3) separate Markets and Food Centres are being watched carefully for any further outbreak. It appears that transmission can occur even in outdoors where there are better air ventilations and dine-in is still not allowed.

We clearly have to be mindful that Covid-19 and the highly transmissible Delta variant are still around us. It is not zero infection in the community.

Such is the heartbreak that life cannot go back to normal anytime soon.

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