When I am 65

When I am 65, my wife and daughter provide company.
Older brothers and sister meet for meals.
I am able to show concern for them as they grow older.
We are no longer young.

When I am 65, I get to slow things down.
No more hectic schedule
No more rushing to chase after buses at bus stops
It does not matter when people overtake me on my walk.

When I am 65, each day being healthy is a fortune.
Health is more important than accumulating wealth.
Life experiences are treasured with pictures to remember.
I eat to live and also enjoy a good meal occasionally.

When I am 65, close friends are few.
All other acquaintances are just that.
Close friends are there when I need them.
To eat, to laugh and to share life moments

When I am 65, I learn to take things easy.
Politics and unfair world can get me sorrowful.
Being mindful of negative emotions is to strive for.
I am taking a step back from negative news.

When I am 65, I want quiet moments.
Away from crowds and noisy places
I prefer parks and nature walks
Admiring what nature offers

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