Putting more money in T-Bills and Singapore Savings Bonds

Since June 2022, I have been investing more into Singapore Government Treasury Bills (T-Bills) and Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB). This is because interest rates are rising during past few months. I have not seen such high interest rates for a very long time.

To give an idea of rising interest rates, the following table shows money invested in SSB and T-Bill.

SSB Date Applied Yield (%)
GX18070N 2-Jul-18 2.63%
GX22060F 1-Jun-22 2.53%
GX22070T 2-Jul-22 2.71%
GX22080V 2-Aug-22 3.00%
GX22120S 18-Nov-22 3.47%
BS22119T (6 months) 26-Sep-22 3.32%
BS22120E (6 months) 7-Oct-22 3.77%
BS22122Z (6 months) 4-Nov-22 4.00%
BS22123S (6 months) 18-Nov-22 To be determined


Cut-off yield for BS22123S T-Bill is 3.90%.

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