Chinese New Year 2023 – First Day Reunion

Thirty (30) came for the Reunion Lunch at my sister’s home this Chinese New Year 2023.

Three generations came together this year. We did not have a gathering in CNY 2022 since Singapore was coping with a new highly transmissible Covid strain named Omicron. Back then number of daily household visitors was limited to five (5).

For most we had not met for three years (last meet was in CNY 2020), it felt good to meet this CNY. Children of my nephews and niece have grown up. Two are now in Primary 6 this year.

When these children grow up, it means that my brothers, my sister and I are older. This is the cycle of life.

Longevity noodles with two hard-boiled eggs was a must-have item in our menu of steamboat meal. We kept this tradition since the time my parents were around.

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