Investment portfolio remained stable for Quarter 2023

My portfolio of fixed income assets, bonds, REITS and Business Trust lost 12.6% from my original costs of investments. This is comparable with 31.12.2022 position (-13.1%). This is still unrealised loss.

Fixed Income, bonds, REITs, Trust Loss (%)
Keppel REIT -34.4%
UOB AP GRN Reit ETF S$ -24.1%
BGF Global Multi-Asset Income Fund A6 -16.6%
Lion-OCBC Income Fund SGD II -16.2%

The fixed income assets lost 12.6%. This was LESS than loss in equity investments. Equity investments have lost 26.6% from my cost of investments.

All the above were paper losses.

27.2% were invested in capital markets. 37.4% remained in cash and fixed deposits. 35.4% were placed with insurance related products such as annuities, term insurance.

My plan is to unload some equities when opportunities arise (at a better valuation). At this stage of my life, I am reducing equities and investments that are not going to move up to my original cost of purchase.

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