Are you a 100% Person?

It has nothing to do with whether a person is a human being or non-human being. My definition is about what a person can achieve. For example, a student scored 100% for mathematics examination.

During my younger days, my academic performance was mostly measured by a score, even for humanity subjects like literature. I chased for perfect marks.

Then when I started to work for a living, I realised that to be on top of my career, I had to put in substantial effort to achieve the result. When stress became too much and I knew I would be stagnated, I decided to quit and move on to another profession.

To be a 100% person has its pitfalls. One can be dejected when one falls short. What is more important is to be able to put in all we got to do a piece of work well. We have to be satisfied with our capabilities and capacities. Let it go when we cannot achieve 100%. This way, it is more realistic and less stressful. Every person is different with different qualities. Some are better at art, music or financial numbers. This is normally the case. We may not achieve 100%. Accept what we are capable of and enjoy the journey of living.

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