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Savings on transport – After stopping driving

I deregistered my car on 8 February 2019 and have not driven a car for 7 months. I relied on public transport like buses and MRTs for moving around. I rarely rode in taxis. For shorter distances, I walked to … Continue reading

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My two older brothers were MOE teachers before they retired from the service. Both taught in various secondary schools. When I left my job in the corporate world, I thought I could be like my brothers i.e. to teach students. … Continue reading

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Reducing my carbon footprint

To reduce global warming, one can help to reduce one’s carbon footprint on our earth. Buy less, use less and recycle is an approach to take. Let me share some of the ways I am doing to help in climate … Continue reading

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Sixty Two, 62

I am sixty-two years old. It is a significant milestone. 62 years old, this is the statutory retirement age for Singapore workers with option of re-employment till 67 years old. However, age for payouts for CPF members remains at 65 … Continue reading

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Life after Retirement

My last CPF contribution from my last employer, Temasek Polytechnic was for August 2012. It has been 7 years since I retired. I have never been without a job since April 1981 when I first stepped into the world of … Continue reading

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Number of LIKES in Social Media

Are we obsessed with the number of LIKES in social media? Did we feel down when the posts did not garner any interests from readers in cyberspace? Do we feel the urge to post something everyday? I have Facebook, Instagram, … Continue reading

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My Experience with Mother on End-of-Life

My mother passed away at her home in 2017 at age 93 years old. For more than a year, her health deteriorated at first slowly and then rapidly in the last 6 months of her life. In the final month, … Continue reading

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