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Eat your way with financial prudence

One category of expenses I find difficult to keep track of is eating-out expenses. It is too tedious to record every single meal eaten. In order to reduce excessive spending on meals, we adopt some practices even before sitting down … Continue reading

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Protect those who are dependent on you

We heard of many cases of child abuse. For a child, his parents are the only ones to provide care for him. He cannot pack and leave the house just like that when he is abused. Abuse refers to both … Continue reading

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Some office events still disturbed me

One would have thought that past unpleasant events would be forgotten after all these years. Not so. Flashes of these still occurred once in a while. I still dreamt about them sometimes. Competition within the same rank for recognition was … Continue reading

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Curious Thing about Fame

You are famous! Read about you in the news. People want to emulate you. I wish I had your charm and success. I am just envious. Fame comes to you in relation to something. You have discovered a cure. You … Continue reading

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What is the best Insurance?

Over the years, I had been paying insurance premiums for several insurance policies. Insurance is protection accorded to the insured and for the benefit his/her beneficiaries for certain kind of risk. It is a pooling of risks with collections of … Continue reading

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Reducing my carbon footprint

To reduce global warming, one can help to reduce one’s carbon footprint on our earth. Buy less, use less and recycle is an approach to take. Let me share some of the ways I am doing to help in climate … Continue reading

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Imperative of slowing down

I am used to speed in whatever I do. This is a habit brought about because of my past work environments where speed is money. I had to account for every quarter of an hour (15 minutes) on a client’s … Continue reading

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