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Dry and hot weather and clearing of land and forest by burning are recipes for disaster. The haze blanketing Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in recent days shows how vulnerable we are to such wanton actions by inconsiderate people clearing land … Continue reading

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Increases in electricity and water rates hurt my pocket

I compiled our home usage of electricity and water from January to August 2019 and compared them with 2018 figures. January to August consumption 2018 2019 Change Electricity (kWh) 1459 1386 -5.0% Water (Cu M) 82.1 79.5 -3.2% I was … Continue reading

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Helping elderly poor

Professor Tommy Koh wrote a National Day opinion piece for The Straits Times by invitation on 6 August 2019. He has his wish lists for Singapore. One of which resonated with me, that is, eradicating elderly poverty in Singapore. Very … Continue reading

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Reducing my carbon footprint

To reduce global warming, one can help to reduce one’s carbon footprint on our earth. Buy less, use less and recycle is an approach to take. Let me share some of the ways I am doing to help in climate … Continue reading

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Use small plastic bags for rubbish

We stopped taking NTUC Fairprice plastic bags for our grocery shopping since late last year. We keep some USED plastic bags in our carry-on bags and these plastic bags come in handy when we need to bring things home. In … Continue reading

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Loving Human Race and not Anger

I am seeing more and more divisive populations in many countries in recent years. I am also seeing more and more race being exploited by politicians and those in powers for their personal political gains. I am seeing more and … Continue reading

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When Rates Go Up, Cut on Usage

For most people, they are affected by rates increases that have impact on their cost of living. Chief among these is the public transport fare increases from 29 December 2018. From this date, card fares for adults travelling on buses … Continue reading

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