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I am breaking from tradition – using old currency notes for Ang Pow (Hongbao) packets

I went to three local banks recently and they ran out of new currencies for the day. It is Chinese New Year (CNY) fever again and the queues at the banks for new currencies were madness. The same can be … Continue reading

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Lasting Power of Attorney – The process of application was not so simple

Having done my Will, Advance Medical Directive (AMD), and CPF nomination, I have one last thing I need to do. That is to apply for Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). What is LPA? The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) … Continue reading

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Doing our parts to save this earth

We live on this planet called earth. We see more extreme weather conditions in recent years. Scientists attribute this to actions of human beings in modernisation, excess consumerism and indiscriminate destructions of earth natural resources. Though we may not be … Continue reading

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Water Usage was reduced this year

As a household of three persons, we had reduced our water consumption this year by 8.7% over last year (from 139.7 cu m to 127.5 cu m). One can track water usage by volume from compiling the monthly usage using … Continue reading

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What is happening to our Education System?

One ethos of Singapore values consistently stressed on since independence is Meritocracy. Any person regardless of class, race, religion, and gender has similar fair chance of doing well in society based on his/her performance and talent. So long as one … Continue reading

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Being normal and not mediocre

In an early morning commute at the Raffles Place MRT station on a typical workday, the escalators are packed with office workers moving en masse in one direction, to their offices to start work. Elsewhere all round Singapore, people are … Continue reading

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Property prices got hit every time in an economic downturn

This is a fact. The Private Residential Property Price Index dipped when there was an economic downturn. The really bad recessions for Singapore were in 1985, 1997 and 2008. The property index declined a year later after recession hit in … Continue reading

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