Gifts to my child

Money is not one of those gifts I am thinking about. To give money or to leave a bequest for your child after you are gone is easy on condition that you can afford to do so.

There are gifts that are more valuable. These are the intangibles. They are love, support, protection and rapport. Since we decided to have a child, it became our responsibilities to bring her up to lead a meaningful life. It is paying forward from generation to generation. I remember what my parents did for me. I then do the same for my daughter. The ways of bringing up a child may not be the same because of differing conditions and environment between generations. However, parental love and care remain the same.

When we age, we gain experiences. That is our values. We learn the pitfalls of lives and ways to cope. We have life experiences and work life experiences. Instead of keeping them, why not share these experiences with our child?

Having rapport with your child is crucial to keep the line of communication open. As parents, we do not want to talk down to your child. It can be counter-productive. You would know when to share and whether it is appropriate. That is where rapport with your child comes in.

As parents, we have these conversations going with my daughter. We talked about work related issues and bounced off ideas to tackle them. For example, we share how we approach an email reply to a difficult email. Over time, work life experiences get transferred and there is less and less need as years go by.

Bringing up an upright individual is very important for me as a parent. To teach moral values, we have to walk the talk. Children follow the parent’s behaviour. If we say one thing and do the opposite, then the child can be very confused.

Since we live in a materialistic world, we cannot not talk about money. I am not talking about obsession with money or how we can amass plenty of wealth. I am alluding to how to manage money. We work to earn an income. We do not want to squander away our hard-earned income. Because we went through pitfalls about money management, we should guide our child in this regard. Money management includes also sound investments to grow our wealth legally.

Finally, bringing up our daughter, we need to provide a safe home environment. Her health is our concern. Eating healthily and living happily are important and we can do our parts as parents.

Ultimately, my daughter has to live her own life in a different environment that includes different political situations and technological advancements. We find opportunities to inculcate values and ways of coping with life. There is no age limit when we stop sharing our experiences. In fact sharing experiences is a two-way traffic. We learn from our daughter with changes in technologies and we inculcate life skills to her.

One last note, over-parenting is not something I would do. Give our child some breathing space. She needs it. She is owner of her life. You would need to find the balance.

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Visit to Dairy Farm Nature Park

You can access the Dairy Farm Nature Park from the Hillview MRT station. If you drive, you can park at Car Park A off Dairy Farm Road and move towards MOE Adventure Centre.

When you take the right road from the MOE Adventure Centre, you can walk towards the Singapore Quarry. It is about 20 minutes walk. This Singapore Quarry is worth a visit. It is tranquil and there are fishes (Carps and Arowana fish and others) in the water. Visitors do yoga and stretching exercises at the viewing deck. Or you can just sit and enjoy the peace of the place.

On returning back to the MOE Adventure Centre, you can take the left path towards Wallace Trail. There is a Wallace Education Centre before the trail. Wallace Centre is named after Alfred Wallace in honour of his contribution to Natural Science (1854).

The Wallace Trail takes you into the forested area and you can cover the loop in less than an hour.

For the total journey, we took about two hours this morning.

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“Towards Zero” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

This is one of my favourites of Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries. The murder had been months in the planning and execution. It was meticulously thought through with near flawless execution. It was to throw Scotland Yard’s Superintendent Battle off the real murderer. There were elements of alibi, motive of the murder, trails of physical evidences, and interviews of all parties concerned.

Superintendent Battle had to deploy his knowledge of criminal psyche to get at the real suspect. As the story progresses, it points towards a particular person as the most likely murderer. Then an alibi threw the investigators off to square one. The detailed murder plan involved a few steps of “what if” scenario happening. The murderer had all angles and eventualities covered. One could not be faulted when one was led onto a wrong trail.

Towards Zero refers to events coming towards Zero Hour where all parties of the case were present to witness the unveiling of the ingenious plan and to nail the true murderer.

This is a detective story that I enjoyed for its sheer genius of Agatha Christie.

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Hit by Disruptive Innovations – SPH and Comfort Delgro

Two well-known companies were languishing in their stock prices. The Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and Comfort Delgro were doing well in the past.

Over a one-year period, share price of SPH dropped from $3.77 to $2.76 on 31 August 2017. This was a drop of 26.7%.

Share price of Comfort Delgro declined 26.9% over a year from $2.75 to $2.01 on 20 September 2017.

Both suffered similar kind of declines in share prices.

Comfort Delgro owns a large taxi fleet in Singapore. The taxi segment is hit by private hire industry such as Uber, Grab. These private hire companies are shaking up the taxi scenes in Singapore and overseas. Suddenly Comfort Delgro faces competitions from these new players. We can recall the taxi industry was somewhat a closed and highly regulated industry not too long ago. Hailing and calling for a taxi during wet weather were frustrating. Now this has changed when private hire cars were allowed to operate in Singapore. With competition, revenue and profits of Comfort Delgro took a hit.

Singapore Press Holdings’ core media business came under pressure with lower advertisement revenue and circulation revenue (both 2015 and 2016 FY). The challenges facing SPH are the digital space for news. News is freely available on the Internet. The attention span of readers of newspaper print is getting shorter. Readers prefer bite size news reporting since there are so much things happening in this digital world that are screaming for attention. Readers also want news to be free.

In this disruptive innovation world, what can old establishments do to keep up with new challenges? That is the million-dollar question that chief executive must grapple with. Can these CEOs deliver in the new economy?

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The will to live

The blank look in your eyes
Not focused and seem so far off
So hard to get you to smile a little

You do not acknowledge me
I am your child whom you nurtured
Do you know I was by your side?

You keep your mouth tight
Not speaking
Not eating and drinking

Don’t know what you are thinking
You just lie there in your bed
Your children want to do something

We want to know your pain
Not a cold response
Depression takes hold

We tried to keep you comfortable
Dressing your bed sores
Worry for you

I know
You think that you are a burden
Everyone grows old, no burden

You look after us in the past
Now we look after you
The least we can do

What more can we do?
I had called in your doctor
We had changed your bed

You will need the will to live
We will do our part
If you allow us to help

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“Death Comes as the End” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

The story was set in 2000 BC in Egypt. During that period, there were priests, land-owners and people prayed to Gods. Death Comes as the End is a fiction. The storyline revolved around a family whose head of the household was a ka-priest named Imhotep. The extended family had a matriarch named Esa, mother to Imhotep, and three sons and daughters-in-law, and one daughter.

Imhotep came home with a concubine one day. His wife and mother of the children died some years ago and this was the first time Imhotep took a very young and pretty concubine. Trouble started for the family since then. There were death and more deaths as the story evolved. Who was behind the string of deaths? Was the family under a curse or a spell?

This novel was clearly written and easy to follow. The suspense was there and Agatha Christie did it again to capture my attention. Though the fiction was written in 1944, the story can apply in modern times of superstitions. It could easily be written for a Korean TV drama or a movie show.

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“The Secret of Chimneys” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

The Secret of Chimneys was written before The Seven Dials Mystery. I read the latter before the former and would have been better the other way round. Several characters appear in both the novels. Chimneys is a grand historic home of England owned by Lord Caterham. The title suggests a secret that lies within Chimneys.

This novel has elements of politics, revolution, monarchy rule, heir to the throne, killings, stolen gems, illusive crooks and investigations to crack the case. There are many actors with so many names to take note of. It can be confusing at the beginning. But clarity comes towards the end of the book.

Read this novel with patience and the reader will be rewarded for seeing the whole events unfolding before his/her eyes. There are several twists up to the last chapters of the book.

This fiction is 314 pages long and was published in 1925. It has been a pleasure to read Agatha Christie’s novels. She was strong in conversational writing and her characters come to life as you read the pages. You could go on and on without stopping as if you were watching a movie.

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