Calculating actual dividend yield

It would be informative to know what is the ACTUAL dividend yield based on cost of purchase.

I tracked actual dividend received each year by security counter. I have the actual cost of purchasing a security. With these two numbers, I can calculate the actual dividend yield based on my investments. Below are some of investments held with dividend yields compared with last year.

Counter 2016% 2017%
SPH Reit 5.81% 5.84%
Singtel 4.33% 4.33%
StarHub 4.70% 3.99%
Keppel Reit 4.42% 3.88%
SPH 4.37% 3.64%
Comfort Delgro 3.15% 3.55%
M1 4.15% 3.01%
Keppel Corp 3.04% 2.03%


Overall   2.72%
STI ETF 2.86% 3.11%

Despite the decline in dividend yields this year, most counters gave above 3.00% yield based on my actual cost of investments. Granted some of these stocks had declined in market value, the dividend yields were still attractive for me.

On the whole portfolio basis, the dividend yield was 2.72% for this year.

I had bought SPDR STI ETF substantially; the dividend yield was 3.11% on my cost of investments. It is much better than my pick of individual stocks in my portfolio.

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“Postern of Fate” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

“Postern of Fate” was the last of Tommy and Tuppence Mysteries written by Agatha Christie. Tommy and Tuppence were a husband-and-wife team that did secret service work for the government as private individuals. In this last book, Tommy and Tuppence were in their seventies and were retired from such investigative and spy work. However when they chose to move into an old house in a quiet English village, their investigative adventures began once again.

Tommy and Tuppence began to investigate a mystery that happened sixty years ago (1914). It came in a form of a cryptic message underlined in a very old story book “The Black Arrow” found in the house. The message read: “Mary Jordan did not die naturally …”

The search for clues and information on an event that happened sixty years ago was near impossible. It took all the skills of Tuppence and Tommy to get to the bottom of it. From a wish of a quiet retirement, it turned out that the couple was thrown into the world of espionage and of political leaning of a certain group out to stop them.

Read the “Postern of Fate” to see how Tommy and Tuppence cracked the case for the government secret service.

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Wise saying – Virtue of Savings


“What you earn is not yours, until you save it.”
Movie:  I Am Somebody


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Remembering my mother 77 (七七)

Today is 49th day.
7th week of my mother’s passing.
Memory of my mother had faded a bit
until I saw her photograph again today…

My mother wanted Buddhist rites.
Today is the last rite at Buddhist Lodge for her.
The next time round will be Qing Ming Festival (清明节).

Putting her years beside her name in the family tree,
gave me a feeling of finality on this earth.
I will not be an exception.

What was left of my mother is my memory of her.
She had been good to all of us.
She had been thoughtful and considerate.

This is how I will remember her.

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Walk in the Parks – first edition is published

Singapore is not a concrete jungle with houses, buildings and roads. She is known for her parks with green fields and water bodies. Over the years, National Parks Board has done much to make our parks more accessible and beautiful. We enjoyed walking these parks both for their beauty and for physical exercises.

I will describe the parks in brief. The main items would be photographs I took on these walks in the parks.

This book will always work-in-progress. When I get to visit more parks in Singapore, I will update the book with new editions.

If any park I described in this book caught your fancy, you may want to check it out on your own. One can get a lot of useful information from the web-pages of National Parks Board, like how to get there and what to look out for.

So what are you waiting for? Find a date and get out there with family and friends. Happy exploring and get close to nature!

Like a curated photo album

Instead of keeping photographs on my phone and hard disk and only I can enjoy, I thought it best I create a book to let people enjoy the beauty of the parks I had visited. Enjoy!

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“Tales from Shakespeare” by Charles & Mary Lamb – A Book Review

William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616), was a great English writer of well-known plays, tragedies and comedies. He produced such classics such as Julius Caesar, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, Othello and many others. Some of his works were used as literature textbooks for study in schools.

The English language used in that period seemed strange in today’s modern language. But it had beauty and was most memorable till today. It took me about two years of classroom time to learn Macbeth before I took an “O” Level examination on it.

When I chanced on this book “Tales from Shakespeare” in Hanoi, I did not hesitate to pay for it (75000 VND or S$4.44). The joint authors told the stories of William Shakespeare in plain language but also kept some of the beautiful conversations written by Shakespeare.

In all, they told the tales of 20 plays of Shakespeare in 278-page book. From this book, I got to know the storylines of famous plays that I only heard of by names. The book was originally intended for young readers to help them to digest the long plays of Shakespeare. I have benefited greatly from this book to my sheer delight at the wonders of writings of William Shakespeare.

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Some ways to de-clutter your home

We are into the end of 2017 and one month to go. Over the course of one year, we must have accumulated many things from things bought and items received through the mail. It is time to clear and discard some things that take up space and gathering dust at home.

I draw on some tips by Marie Kondo, author of “The life-changing magic of tidying up”.

I used to keep packaging boxes of electronic and home appliances in my storeroom and cupboards. I thought that one day I may use them to transport such things as printer, oven, computer, etc (when I move house). That day of moving residence did not happen. For that matter, I could use packaging material provided by the professional mover for that purpose. Therefore I decided to recycle these empty boxes and packing material and clear them out of my storeroom.

Next items to go were warranty cards and instruction manuals for electronic gadgets and home appliances. I had never looked at these items. Furthermore, some electronic items and home appliances were no longer in use or had been replaced. The warranty had already expired and if I need to refer to some manuals, I could get them on-line. There are archives in cyberspace if we choose to search.

Each time when I buy a TV, DVD player, home theatre sound system and computer, I was given many cables to connect this to that. I had accumulated so many cables with different colour-coded wires over the years. I took a look and gave them all up. I did not want to trouble myself to see whether I may use them one day. If I did not know that I had them then it is of no use to me. So off they went to re-cycling bins.

I kept old modems over the years. Each time when I upgrade to a better modem, I kept these old modems. These are useless for current purpose. They would not be called into service ever and therefore I cleared them out recently.

Letters and statements will be my next target for clearing them out. I do this every year-end to start the New Year. I decide on what I need to keep and what information I wanted to record (in electronic files) for history. This is an exercise that I do to end each year.

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