Global Equities continued to slump

Global stocks continued to slide from Friday 2 August. At the end of Monday 5 August, the slide became more pronounced.

Hang Seng Index declined 5.86% in three days, the worst in the list below. The pro-democracy unrest in Hong Kong made it worse for its financial markets.

Stock Indices 31-Jul-19 5-Aug-19 Change
Hang Seng (HK) 27,777.75 26,151.32 -5.86%
Nasdaq (USA) 8,175.42 7,726.04 -5.50%
CAC 40 (France) 5,518.90 5,241.55 -5.03%
UK FTSE 100 7,586.80 7,223.85 -4.78%
S&P 500 (USA) 2,980.38 2,844.74 -4.55%
Germany DAX 12,189.04 11,658.51 -4.35%
Dow Jones (USA) 26,864.27 25,717.74 -4.27%
Shanghai Composite 2,932.51 2,821.50 -3.79%
Nikkei 225 (Japan) 21,521.53 20,720.29 -3.72%
STI (Singapore) 3,300.75 3,194.51 -3.22%
Australia All Ordinaries 6,896.70 6,710.60 -2.70%
Mumbai BSESN 37,481.12 36,699.84 -2.08%

Next was Nasdaq, declining 5.50%. Nasdaq, the darling performer in US markets, was brought down to earth from its phenomenal run up in recent months. The S&P 500 was down 4.55% followed by Dow Jones declining 4.27%.

The Shanghai Composite Index was hit as well, declining 3.79% mainly because of the on-going trade frictions with the US.

The Straits Timed Index (STI) lost 3.22% in just three days.

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Sixty Two, 62

I am sixty-two years old. It is a significant milestone.

62 years old, this is the statutory retirement age for Singapore workers with option of re-employment till 67 years old. However, age for payouts for CPF members remains at 65 years old. I must say the last statement in case some people may have different ideas about CPF payouts as a result of changes in employment age.

I grew up during Singapore’s Independence in 1965 and the communal riots of 1964. I did two-and-a-half years of National Service (for all enlistees attaining the ranks of Corporal and above). I belong to the Merdeka Generation.

I witnessed Singapore moving from Third World to First World under the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. I moved from landline home telephone to personal mobile phone. I was impacted by great disruptions in technologies especially in the telecommunication space.

At 62, I am exposed to many mobile applications, learning to use PayNow for electronic cash transfer, using Emojis in some of my communications with others, and doing on-line reservations and purchases. It is continuous learning of new skills to keep up with changes to the world I live in.

Do I feel old? I wish I could say it in the negative decisively. But young people would not agree with me. I am still uncle to them. My first step is acceptance that I am a senior based on definitions by the society and government policies.

I am happy to be where I am at in this stage of my life. Looking back, Singapore had no war with other countries. We live in relative peace and calm. Yes we had economic crises and recessions every now and then. However, we survived these crises.

My hope for this nation is for her people to be kinder to each other. Each of us needs to re-assess what is truly important for each individual. Is pursuit of material wealth all that important at the detriments of physical and mental health? Could we be contented with just enough?

As it is National Day at the end of this week, I wish all a Happy 54th National Day!

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Equity losses after Donald Trump’s imposing 10% tariff on US$300 billion of China Goods

President Trump imposed 10% tariff on additional US$300 billion of China goods imported into the US to take effect from 1 September 2019. This was announced on 1 August 2019 (Thursday). By end of 2 August, the major global stock equities tumbled from 31 July over a period of 2 days. The financial markets did not like what is happening to the trade frictions between the US and China.

Stock Indices 31-Jul-19 2-Aug-19 Change
Hang Seng (HK) 27,777.75 26,918.58 -3.09%
CAC 40 (France) 5,518.90 5,359.00 -2.90%
Germany DAX 12,189.04 11,872.44 -2.60%
UK FTSE 100 7,586.80 7,407.06 -2.37%
Shanghai Composite 2,932.51 2,867.84 -2.21%
Nasdaq (USA) 8,175.42 8,004.07 -2.10%
Nikkei 225 (Japan) 21,521.53 21,087.16 -2.02%
S&P 500 (USA) 2,980.38 2,932.05 -1.62%
Dow Jones (USA) 26,864.27 26,485.01 -1.41%
STI (Singapore) 3,300.75 3,261.11 -1.20%
Mumbai BSESN 37,481.12 37,118.22 -0.97%
Australia All Ordinaries 6,896.70 6,846.10 -0.73%

The Straits Timed Index (STI) lost 1.20%. My Singapore equities lost 1.14% in the span of 2 days! It appears that my selection of stocks moved in tandem with the STI.

I am keeping cash and not investing it anytime soon. It is just too volatile.

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Life after Retirement

My last CPF contribution from my last employer, Temasek Polytechnic was for August 2012. It has been 7 years since I retired. I have never been without a job since April 1981 when I first stepped into the world of work after graduating from the National University of Singapore (NUS). I did not know what I was in for when I retired some seven years ago.

I stopped wearing office attire with long-sleeved shirts and tailored trousers. I gave up many neckties, since I did not need them. I exchanged leather shoes for casual or sports shoes. My dressing philosophy is one of comfort. I do not care much for my image since I am not going to meet my clients or my students. I now look more and more like an uncle eating in a HDB coffee shop with each passing year.

Aging adds years to my look. Behind this person is one who was different when I was in the workforce. It is a transformation to an older person when I looked at my past photographs of my younger days.

I gave up my car in February this year after 35 years of driving. Now I use my Senior Concession card for travelling on public buses and MRT. It was less stressful since I am no longer in the driving seat! My maximum bus fare is $0.88 regardless of distance. It is a big deal for people like me without an employment income.

Seven years have been a meaningful journey for me. I connect more and more with my daughter and my wife. I connect deeply with my Self, reducing bad habits and am trying to be kinder to all including self.

The work-place stress is non-existent but it is replaced by retirement stress. Retirement does not mean you have no stress. The chief one is how to occupy each day with meaningful activities. Money worries and health stress are the others. This is the continuation of my journey of life.

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Number of LIKES in Social Media

Are we obsessed with the number of LIKES in social media? Did we feel down when the posts did not garner any interests from readers in cyberspace? Do we feel the urge to post something everyday?

I have Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress as my platforms to post writeups, photographs and video recordings. Facebook is set as private with less than 100 friends whom I want to keep in contact. Both Instagram and WordPress are public.

I kept private matters off limit in Instagram. I only post photographs/videos of beautiful places and things and merely serve to inform interested followers. I do not use tag functions to increase traffic flow to my site. I do not chase to increase the number of followers.

WordPress is where I write my blogposts. It is my way of putting my thoughts in writing. The materials written were original and serve as my depository of my take of the world and my life. If a blogpost were to touch someone, then the writing had served its aims. I do not receive money or other rewards for posting in WordPress.

I choose to accept friend requests in Facebook carefully. These friends must be known to me and are responsible individuals whom I can trust. I post personal photographs in Facebook knowing that my friends would treat them with respect. Facebook is one way I keep in contact with my family members and relations.

Coming back to the three questions posed at the start of this blogpost, I could easily fall into the trap of narcissistic behaviour if I were not careful. I have to remind myself constantly what are my purposes of having Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress. The urge to update my status constantly is always there. I tell myself the number of LIKES should not matter.

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Jewel Changi Airport

The Jewel is the latest attraction at Singapore Changi Airport. I called it the “Doughnut” with a central hole. It was designed by the renowned architect Moshe Safdie. The waterfall in the centre called the Rain Vortex and the Forest Valley surrounding it are the main attraction when one walks into the Jewel Changi Airport. The waterfall is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall falling several levels of floors from top to bottom.

Enjoy the walk round and round the waterfall while you shop and eat. At every level you are not far from the waterfall. The trees are planted to form the Forest Valley. Trees, plants and waterfall give one an outdoor feel but inside an air-conditioned comfort. The photographs taken of the Rain Vortex (waterfall) at different levels are beautiful and different from the various perspectives of the same water feature.

The skytrain moves right into the Jewel Changi Airport and it is Terminal 1 where Jewel Changi Airport is sited. One can also walk from Terminal 2 and 3 to the Jewel by the air-conditioned walkways.

The Jewel name is appropriate as the architectural design is a gem of an idea from Moshe Safdie. It places Changi Airport on the world map again.

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Use small plastic bags for rubbish

We stopped taking NTUC Fairprice plastic bags for our grocery shopping since late last year. We keep some USED plastic bags in our carry-on bags and these plastic bags come in handy when we need to bring things home.

In the past, we accumulated quite a lot of these big plastic bags and we used them to line our rubbish bin each day. Because we had less big plastic bags, we began to look at other ways to bag our rubbish to throw away. We realised that there are a lot of packaging materials each time we go to the supermarket or the wet market. Let me give some examples, plastic bags for breads, packaging for vermicelli, small bags for guava fruits. We began to use these smaller bags to line a smaller container so that we could throw rubbish into them. (see photo).

As a result, we find no necessity to use Fairprice big plastic bags to throw away our wet or soiled rubbish from the kitchen. The small plastic bags serve the purpose adequately for my family.

We can do our parts to reduce use of big plastic bags. We are thinking of our future generations who will inherit this earth from us in the condition we leave it.

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